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What is "Unchained Mothering"

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

“Unchained Mothering”

Make your Dreams a Reality for You and Humanity

Bringing the Invisible to Light




the activity of bringing up a child as a mother.


relating to or characteristic of a mother, especially in being caring, protective, and kind.

Life is in constant evolution, equality has been pursued for all genders, and thus today all genders are legally all equal in the western society. However, today women are still awaiting for the complete reality of applications of this equality in terms of gender. Thus, it is fundamental to address another layer of the reality, which is the essence of this project “Unchained Mothering”. The equality will become more a reality when women are able to freely choose the way they will assume their motherhood responsibilities, thus increasing freedom of choice when deciding to access important areas such as education, engage and fulfill a career or to be mothering at home without impact on their choice of how they will develop their lives. Importantly these mothering choices need to be recognized, understood and thus valued to assure the equality within genders in our society.

In all cultures, women share the struggle to find the balance between dreams, ambitions, reality, family, work and contributing voluntary help to the community inspiring social justice. Over the past century more and more women have made access and been selected and confirmed for leading roles throughout the society. This encouraging fact in many countries, has still not integrated the reality of becoming a mother within this pursuit of equality in our society. Thus it has to be carefully addressed by all genders to assure free mothering choices for all women.

Importantly, women are vital beings for society not only as regards to their reproductive function, but also due to their primordial role for the development of society on environment. Today many of them may decide to pursue an education, a career and support their families at the same time. Often women decide their future by giving priority to their children and families. Their choices often cost them the development of their professional careers. They do not take these decisions as victims, but with courage and determination, never asking to be acclaimed or to be thanked for these silent sacrifices. Women must constantly learn to defend their rights in a “patriarchal” society in order to find their place and be protagonists in a world where possibilities are unequal.

This project aims to highlight, through photography and other forms of arts, the woman who decides to take full-time care of her children and take a break from the professional world to which she belongs. We will show why beyond obvious reasons, women who decide to stay at home for their families for a limited or indefinite period needs to be appreciated understood valued.

The idea is to change the common perspective that the majority have on these working women and housewives at the same time. Jessica de Vreeze's idea is continue to promote this choice and raise awareness among all genders, thus improving humanity and society.

The body of this project concerns women in their daily life. Three years ago, the artist decided to give a voice to many women invisible to the eyes of others, while their actions had considerable impact on the family and society. The intention of this art project is to reveal the lives of women today and enlighten the awareness and recognize their values. Reveal their personal growth, well-being and freedom in today's society, in order to inspire others. “I like to tell stories of everyday heroes to build bridges and break down barriers. I capture people in scenes and empty spaces and discover people's souls by photographing their actions” Jessica de Vreeze. She pictures them in regards with their actions, creating the thrill you get when you seek information on people in the public sphere or high achiever, celebrities, doctors, politics, billionaires, artists among others.

She invited other artists to join forces and highlight the other side of the mirror, to picture the magnitude of perspectives and interpretations we give to roles and statuses in our society,

Let the show begin.

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