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Casting call opening March 26.2021

Join the first 8 women

We are looking for Women with education and/or careers who decided to stay at home to step up for their families and  their community. For a minimum of 3 months to undetermined time.

Casting by Recommendation 

(with pre-approval of the woman)

As many of these women will not put themselves under the limelight, we need to recommend women that correspond to this profile, it can be your neighbor, your friend, your mother, your sister, your grandmother.

These mothering choices need to be recognized, understood and thus valued to assure the equality within genders in our society. 

Only when all  mothering choices are appreciated, women will be free of their choices.

We count on you, Let the show begin.

Fill out the form not to miss the first day of the casting submission. 

Thanks for submitting!

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