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Jessica de Vreeze, is a French-American Visual artist, born in Paris,  who always spent her time between the two continents. “Traveling” is her middle name. She has wanted to be an artist since childhood. First, she became a lawyer, a wife and a mother, then she became the artist she always was with a first solo show in Chelsea NYC in 2016.

She considers the power of photography as a gift to create and share with those who can’t see, give a voice to those in need and preserve memory.” As she likes to mainly use photography, she does not hesitate to resort to other techniques such as painting (spray or brush), ephemeral installations and flashmob.

She immerses the viewer in an urban universe.

Unchained mothering is an international art project, created by Jessica de Vreeze,  inviting artists and women from all over the world. This art project has for mission to unite people and contribute to  social justice, bringing the invisible visible about women’s life into the spotlight. While giving a voice to Women and a renewed freedom of choice.

​Unchained Mothering was inspired by her story and the story of many women. 

Jessica de Vreeze promotes free choice and raises awareness among all genders, thus contributing to the  evolution of recognition and constantly redefining the values of  humanity in our societies. 

"Freedom comes when you give yourself permission to choose freely" Jessica de Vreeze

Three years ago, the artist found how to give a voice too many women invisible to the eyes of others, while their actions had considerable impact on the family and society. Jessica de Vreeze presented the 3 first women, to the public in 2018, in the fine art photography magazine “proofsheet” by APA NYC  and an art exhibition at the Old Print Shop Gallery NYC. 

The project has evolved over the year, Jessica de Vreeze has now portrayed 12 Women and invited 14 Artists to join her. She has also expanded her team, with Geraldine, Jennifer, Caroline, Bruce and James.

On March 20, 2021, a casting by recommendation will be launched to find the missing 6 women, and an artist call to find the remaining 4 artists who will collaborate on the project side by side with Jessica and the 14 already on Board.

Unchained Mothering will be presented in a first exhibition in Miami on December 2021. It will then be brought to Arles,  and Paris France, and back across the ocean to New York City.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in this adventure and engage in true actions. Every step forward is a step towards a new and promising future. We will care with each step together. ​

To know more about Jessica 

IG: Jessicadevreeze

Self Portrait of Jessica de Vreeze 

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