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Coralie Biver, was born in Seoul, South Korea, on the 8th July 1978. She did not know her parents but was adopted by a couple from Belgium when she was almost 3 years old. She lived in Arlon, which is a small town next to the border of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. She was always interested in Arts and fashion so she decided to study fashion design in Bruxelles, Belgium. She  attended the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferre-Bischoffsheim to be able to achieve her dream. During her studies she had to perform different placements. She took the opportunity to perform this placement in the atelier of the famous hat designer called Elvis Pompilio. She discovered a new passion for hats. As soon as she finished  her studies she was hired by him. She spent a year and a half working in his atelier. With her boyfriend, who is by now her husband, they decided to move to Luxembourg. He got hired as a cabin attendant a few months after the events of 9/11. It was quite lucky as one of the few hat shops in Luxembourg was searching for someone who could create and repair hats. She got hired immediately.
After their third child she decided to quit working and since then dedicated herself to take care of their five children (4 sons and a daughter).
I her leisure time she still dedicated to everything which is related to handcraft. She still create and manufacture clothes, hook, stitch, knit, modify furniture and so more.

A surprise is coming for Unchained Mothering, keep posted.

Portrait taken by

Jessica de Vreeze | @hopeje

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