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Erica Mizutani brings in her memory aesthetic references lived while staying inside, where the living room was the creative studio of her father who is an artist and adman.

Born in the city of São Paulo, Mizú as she is known by her friends, always draws her professional journey attached to the creative involvement.

She initiated her career in publishers and ad agencies, important scenarios for the development of her actual aesthetic.

Working fully authorial nowadays, Erica reaches out to many strands, illustrating and painting in many different platforms such as paper, digital illustration, prints, walls and canvas.

She took her art to many distant places. Belgium, USA, France and Japan. In Brazil her paintings and murals take part in products, packaging, branded clothes, even a 250 meters (820 ft.) mural in the port region of Rio de Janeiro.

Corporations like Facebook, Suzano Celulose and Senac also carry the artist's colors in their walls.

Her style consists of natural and organic shapes, abstract in some occasions, creating a dreamlike universe full of transparencies and unique combination of colors. A special mention for her drawings and characters that bring comforting, a bit melancholy and almost always happy gestures.

A lightweight translation of her childhood;
This is Mizú, artist, woman, mom of 3. Desires to comfort, spread love and shelter with her artwork.

IG: @Ericamizutani

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