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Digital Creative director

Los Angeles. Intuitive thinker.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved images that tell a story. 

As I grew older I was passionate about movies, images that tell a story in a longer form and with multi-dimensional components: sounds, editing, mixing, textures…

My path was set, I would work in the movie industry. I seized every opportunity leading me to this path and along the way I discovered I was a multipotentialite with a high human and creative drive.

I was born and raised in Paris, France in a French American family.

I lived and worked in Paris, Los Angeles, Copenhagen. I’ve always worked in international environments with multi-cultural teams and partners.

After working for over 10 years in the movie industry, I decided, in 2014, to take a different road and followed an inside call. I created  my own business, a leather handbag brand, following my grand-father footsteps. My managerial position in the movie business enabled me to become an entrepreneur creating from ground up an amazing brand that have been successful in its own ecosystem.

From leading and managing multicultural teams of 2 – 20 people in a corporate environment, to helping companies on specific areas as a consultant, to creating my own business in the fashion industry, I am someone who is passionate about what I do, who is open minded, structured, perseverant, team player, goal oriented with high professional values.

► This is how I sum up my work. I help people and companies with their brands, with their contents, with their products. I build trust with clients and help them nurture their business and vision.

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