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Jessica de Vreeze, is a French-American Visual artist, born in Paris,  who always spent her time between the two continents. “Traveling” is her middle name. She has wanted to be an artist since childhood. First, she became a lawyer, a wife and a mother of 3, then she became the artist she always wanted to be.


Unchained Mothering was inspired by her story. During the transition between Lawyer to Artist she was a “stay-at-home mom” and realized how challenging it was on all levels. Being with your children is priceless, but it also means working 7/7 without breaks or pay and without any ´true ‘ recognition in society. Ultimately, being a ‘stay-at-home ´mom means losing the status of an active woman despite the work provided. It means one becomes invisible! 


"I have taken a different and enriching journey, which makes me who I am today, fulfilled, happy and proud; ready for challenges and to give and share a voice to others."

This story is the story of our generation; one that has been given the choice to pursue an education, a career, work or stay at home. Gender equality, will only be reached, when all mothering choices are appreciated, then women will truly be recognized and thus free of their choices.

Jessica considers the power of photography as a gift to create and share with those who can’t see, give a voice to those in need and preserve memory.” As she likes to mainly use photography, she does not hesitate to resort to other techniques such as painting (spray or brush), ephemeral installations and flashmob. She immerses the viewer in an urban universe. The artist's works reflect the soul of the places she encountered through her multicultural background. She captures unexpected details; her eye identifies the elements and objects that inhabit the streets; “Human and places endlessly reflect one another” . This is the message that Jessica de Vreeze conveys through her works.


The artist has exhibited her photos in the U.S. and Europe. The firsts: First solo photography exhibition NYC Chelsea 2016, 

Represented the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg at the United Nation for the Journee Mondiale de la francophonie 2017,

First mural in 2018 during Basel Miami.

Jessica de Vreeze Art work can be currently find in:

Miami: O.U.I. , ENNE, Colibri

NYC: The Old print Shop Gallery

To know more about Jessica


Portrait of Jessica de Vreeze

by | Dave C.  Smith

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