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Manuela Fisher bridges gaps with art, using art to give back to others. She spent her childhood in Angola, like so many kids she wanted to be so many things, but what she was most passionate about was she wanted to be a storyteller. “One of my fondest memories of my grandmother and of my childhood in Angola, was when my brother and I would be sent to visit my grandmother. She lived above a cinema and that’s where I saw my first film on the silver screen. Back then they would have intermission during movies, and my brother and I would run up to my grandmother’s to grab snacks and a bottle of coke, then we’d race back down to the theatre to continue watching.  I wanted to be a filmmaker or at least in the film industry behind the camera.” She did study filmmaking in California.


She started working, met her husband John, had two lovely daughters and dedicated her time to her family, they live in NYC.


She as well continuously kept volunteering to help  those in need and in the Arts. Mainly, she helped the Power Women Group of Kibera  from NYC, a village of HIV moms to live, work, and educate their children in Kenya.


IG: @clixster


Cause she supports: Power Women Group

Portrait taken by

Jessica de Vreeze | @JessicadeVreeze

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