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Tattoo artist

Matt Truiano is a professional tattoo artist based out of New York City. Focusing mainly on the neotraditional style, his background in illustration lends him to a distinct style of tattooing combining neotraditional and illustrative tattoos.

In 2008 he earned a BFA from The School Of Visual Arts in NYC  which was the same year he completed his official tattoo apprenticeship. Matt lives just outside NYC with his wife, son, 2 dogs and is expecting another baby in May! 

Along with tattooing, Matts creativity and passion for art extends to woodworking, leather crafting and digital paintings. He has been creating and selling beautiful art nouveau style digital paintings, custom wood furniture and personalized leather accessories. 

Matts work can be found on his Instagram @matttruiano  as well as his website Matt Truiano where you can purchase his unique and personalized products including prints and leather trays. 

IG: @Matttruiano

Portrait taken by

Jessica de Vreeze | @hopeje

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