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Her name is Tamar Magnas,

She is a mother first........but she also is a Pediatrician for the last twenty years.  Something was missing being a Pediatrician and not a mother so she feels so blessed that she was given this opportunity for the last almost six years.

She was born in Silver Spring Maryland and left at the age of 16 to start her journey to become a Pediatrician.  She attended Cornell University and graduated in 1994.  She then spent a year doing research at the NIH followed by a master's degree in Biological Sciences which
all led her to join an exchange program in Israel at the Technion to get her Medical degree.  She graduated in 2000 and did her Pediatric Residency at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola NY. The next twenty years she found herself in various private practices starting in Long Island then in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

She took a year off after having her miracle son Lev.  In returning to her professional life she chose a space that wouldn't require as much time at night and weekends so those precious hours could be spent with her family.  As a doctor she saved money even before meeting her husband and future father of their child, as she thought that if and when she would become a mom she wanted to make sure she would be able to support her wish to spend at least a year not working and taking care of their baby.

She married her husband Jerry Zeitchik in 2017 and Lev came shortly after.  That first year she spent spending every moment with Lev was"priceless".

She is now employed by the Montefiore Health System and  runs a school based health clinic.


Portrait taken by

Jessica de Vreeze | @Jessicadevreeze

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