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Viki Galchen grew up in a small town in Israel overlooking the sea. She served in the army for two years, studied political science in Tel Aviv University, and then studied computer programming. She moved to the states with her husband to pursue the American dream, where she began working as a computer programmer. She and her husband later had two beautiful kids. 

Viki had been volunteering since a very young age; as a teenager, she performed for ill children in hospitals, helped in an elderly nursing center, was a counselor in her community’s Israeli scouts and more. 

When she decided to stop working full time to focus on raising her kids, the decision to volunteer in her spare time was something that came very naturally to her.

She volunteered for many years in her kids’ elementary school, managing the copy room for around 20 hours a week. The copy room was a body of 25 parent volunteers who made copies for all worksheets needed to educate the students. She felt that her volunteering had many tangible benefits for the school and its faculty. Later, she was involved in volunteering in her daughter's middle school and helped organized events for her kids’ Israeli scouts.

Once her kids grew older, she was eager to return to the work place. Currently she works full time in a public school in NYC.

Viki supports the global fund for women

Portrait taken by

Jessica de Vreeze | @Jessicadevreeze

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