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“Life is an art, and art is an essential part of life. » Jessica de Vreeze

Jessica de Vreeze, is a French-American Visual artist, born in Paris, who always spent her time between the two continents. “Traveling is her middle name. She considers the power of photography as gift to create and share with those who can’t see, give a voice to those in need and preserve memory.” As she likes to mainly use photography, she does not hesitate to resort to other techniques such as painting (spray or brush), ephemeral installations and flashmob. She immerses the viewer in an urban universe. The artist's works reflect the soul of the places she encountered through her multicultural background. She captures unexpected details; her eye identifies the elements and objects that inhabit the streets “Human and places endlessly reflect one another” This is the message that Jessica de Vreeze conveys through her works.

Her positive energy embraces us, making us travel through colors and volumes, thus strengthening the depth of her images. Self-taught in photography she is influenced and inspired by Fauvism.We enter a universe where images turn into sounds and light that make us feel and experience reality as a time always in motion. Finally, she invites the viewer to become one with her work. She tells stories using images to bring people together.

Among works of art made using other techniques, Jessica de Vreeze immersed herself in the technique of Street Art. She created her first graffiti in 2018 during her opening of Portrait d'Atmosphere 4.0, a photo´s exhibition, during Basel Miami. She also created in Miami , in 2019, a mural interactive 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters with graffiti and photography on the theme of human kindness , “Random Act of Kindness”. Today, she continues her project on the lives of women, wishing to highlight their invisible actions in order to ensure freedom of choice for present and future generations. At the same time, she is also working on a representation of the tarot deck.

Additionally, the artist has always had a close connection with dance and music, which is why she always surprises her guests during the inaugurations of her exhibitions with various performances that accompany the discovery of her works.

The artist has exhibited her photos in the U.S. and Europe.

In 2016- 2019, Jessica achieved international recognition and participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Her first solo exhibition in New York was held in a Chelsea gallery debut with an immensely popular and highly acclaimed at the 287 Gallery. During this period, she also participated in renowned international exhibitions such as les journee de la francophonie with the United Nations representing the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Portrait d'Atmosphere was seen in New York, Chelsea, at the River Club, Maison Harlem, in 2017. Then, her exhibition crossed the Atlantic to be exhibited in Luxembourg and in the Netherlands in 2018. 2018, The Old Print Shop, launch of Unchained Mothering “Bringing the invisible visible” during the “proof sheet” exhibition.

In 2019 she joined Frame, art exhibition at The Sagamore, Miami, January-March 2019. Eye Wide Open in Duo at the Old Print Shop Gallery NYC 2019. Mural of Freedom Tower in miami downtown (photograph, 15 feet high). Raw Miami, Stellar October 2019. The Armory, NYC 2019.

2020 Opening of Jessica’s studio in Miami “O.U.I.” (Only Upon Invitation!)

Superfine, “(Wo)man” Soho, NYC (became a virtual gallery and event), Miami Accueil outdoor exhibition, Christmas Market at the French Consulate of Miami.

As a fervent charity supporter, she from her first solo show drew the attention to the cause of Save a Child’s Heart, raising awareness and funds to the medical an humanitarian organization with a mission to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease, and who cannot get adequate medical care in their home countries.

Jessica de Vreeze multiples articles about her Art: among others, 2020, Interview for Shootout in Miami, Voyage Mia. 2019 PodCast interview in the Miami Guide2019, Interview for Voyage Mia 2019. Fujifilm photo exhibition in Grand Central Terminal, NYC, NY, USA 16 to 20 October 2019 Vogue Photovogue Italia, 2019, 2018. She collaborated with the fine art issue of “proof sheet” magazine of American Artists Photographers (APA) in April 2018. French Morning March 2017, APA NY March 2017, Organization Mondiale de la Francophonie - United Nations March 2017, TheJewishWeek March 2017, 2017, French Culture April 2016, French Morning 2016, Geometria 2016.

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