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Why this Art Project

My project was inspired by my story. I come from a family where women have always known they had rights and talents and they were also aware of their role in the society. My maternal and paternal grandmother were not only housewives, but also active women in their fields, one of whom was a writer and poet in her spare time, and the other was a Hebrew teacher. On the other hand, my mother is a doctor and became one of the first woman head of a specialized hospital Unit in Paris France, which showed me that a woman can study and have a professional career while being a mother. It was not an easy road but it has always been able to meet the requirements of both professions despite the difficulties. Women are still not equal to men in the labor market, although laws have been created to prevent discrimination, the shadow of a potential pregnancy. In practice, the shadow of pregnancy as well as other events affecting the family sphere still weigh in the balance when choosing two candidates of different sexes, as well as during an employment contract.

I had the opportunity to have various professional experiences before becoming a lawyer. I was working as a lawyer registered at the Bar of Luxembourg and Secretary of the Luxembourg Employment Law Association, but I have never let my career pass before my family life decisions. Becoming a lawyer did not stop me from becoming a mother of three children. Also, I participated as a volunteer within the school council and my Association; I was juggling my schedule to be with my young children and deal with a very demanding job. My husband traveled extensively for his work, so I took on the chores and caring for the children on my own without family support as I was an expatriate. I could have counted on the nursery and the help of a cleaning lady on a regular basis. Since my childhood I wanted to be an artist. I never gave up on this dream. It was at the age of 31 that I decided to quit and go my way while dedicating myself to my children. It was not easy. I first discovered that being a stay-at-home mom was very difficult and physically and mentally draining. Being with your children is priceless, but it also means working 7/7 without breaks or pay and without any recognition in society. Ultimately, being a stay-at-home mom means losing the status of an active woman despite the work provided. It is to become invisible. Claiming my choice is not only putting my career on the back burner but also managing the judgment of others. I must have walked a winding path, but I am now, happy and proud. ``

My story is not isolated while being new. In New York, I met some wonderful women; they exist all over the world but these made me realize that now I have the means to tell their story. This story is that of our generation. This is a generation that can be given the choice to pursue an education, a career, work or stay at home. Now is the time to remove the cloak of invisibility that hangs over the lives and actions of these women.

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